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Meet Rick Yeatts

Rick Yeatts is a world class performance trainer, leveraging his 25+ years of experience as a top producer in the sales and service business sector. Rick retains international acclaim for his consumer-centric sales training and is known for his in-depth experience in custom-designing curricula to fit each client’s tailored needs.

As a former consultant and a top producer with Starwood Resorts, Rick was in the top one percent of sales force successes. In addition, Rick was president and program developer for Life Strategies Institute, where he developed management and sales training solutions for six international companies. He is currently the president of Yeatts Performance Group as well as founder and president of Marketplace Advancement Training, an organization that provides coaching and consulting to business leaders in the nonprofit sector.

Yeatts Performance Group provides seminars, one-on-one coaching, and executive training regimens,

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