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Team Meeting

Improving Organizational Succes Through Performance Coaching



YPG has 30 years of creating cultures of powerful performance. We assess and create workplace systems that motivate your employee culture and help garner peak performance.

Leadership and

Management Development 

Everything rises and falls on 

leadership. Through assessments, 

coaching, training, and live interactive seminars, we advance your leadership 

team to new levels of success.



We help in designing, training, and embedding proprietary custom sales systems. By excelling in processes and efficiency, your sales force exceeds the norm and rises above the competition.

Complete Solutions Suitable to Your Needs

As a performance coaching and sales training company, Yeatts Performance Group specializes in management development and sales training solutions. Our mission is to provide you with skills and solutions tailored to your organization's individual needs. We focus on three deliverables: 1) Executive Coaching, 2) Performance Management Training and 3) Sales Solutions. By designing custom solutions, we can exponentially increase sales and performance results. Our effective coaching solutions are collaborative, reproducible, and extremely effective in improving results.

Some companies have great systems, but their execution needs developing. Others have great execution, but their company-specific “distinctions” have not been customized to create consistency. Still others desire overall improvement through continual challenges and growth. Regardless of your need, Yeatts Performance Group can help bring superior results to your goals and objectives, boost your sales and significantly improve the performance of your workforce.

Industry Expertise

We support our industry expertise through real-world experience, research, and knowledge sharing. Our understanding of industry segments is based on best practices as well as the most comprehensive annual study of sales trends and issues.

Given the large number of respondents, we are able to gain insights into the challenges of specific industry demographics. We then hold frequent discussions among our sales consultants and clients to better understand the implications of the issues within these sectors.

We serve small to medium-sized businesses in multiple industries including:

• Business Services

• Consumer Products

• Hospitality

• Financial Services  

• Health Insurance

• High-Tech Medical Equipment

• Legal

• Automobile 

• Industrial Manufacturing

• Professional Services

• Telecommunications

• Timeshare 

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